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Valentina Divocha
Ukrainian Research Institute for Medicine of Transport of Ministry of Health, Ukraine

Valentina Divocha in 1967 graduated from I.I. Mechnikov Odessa State University, Faculty of Biology (Department of Virology). In 1973 continued her postgraduate study ate Odessa Institute of Virology and Epidemiology (specialty virology). In 1974 she was awarded her candidate degree with the thesis "Interaction of Coxsackie B viruses with sensitive cell cultures and their antigenic relationships." In 2009 she was awarded her doctoral degree with the thesis entitled "Biological basis antiproteinase therapy of influenza". Under her leadership performed a doctoral and two master's theses. Scientific experience is 35 years. She has more than 190 scientific publications, 3 monographs, textbook "Virology" (2012), 10 patents, 3 innovations. She has currently working as the head of the Laboratory of Experimental and Clinical Pathology for Ukrainian Research Institute of Transport Medicine, is the supervisor of the nine research programs in virology and biochemistry.


Now preventive maintenance of a flu by means of vaccination is conventional and is supported by experts of all world. To check presence of trypsin-like proteinase and its inhibitor in antiflu and other vaccines and in immunobiological blood preparations of domestic and foreign manufacture. In work following commercial preparations have been used:" Interferon leukocytic human"," the Immunoglobulin of human placental, donor 10 %, a gonococcal vaccine a herpetic vaccine (Odessa), vaccines for preventive maintenance of a flu, a season 2002/2003 -"Influvac" which consists of hemagglutinins and a neuraminidase of a virus of a flu, strains: ?/Moscow/10/99 (H3N2), ?/New Caledonia/20/99 (H/N), B/Hong Kong/330/2001, "Fluarix" which consists of hemagglutinins of strains (H1N1) A/New Caledonia (H3N2), ?/Panama and ?/Shandont 17/97 and "Vaxigrip" which consists of three strains of a flu virus, a vaccine for preventive maintenance of a hepatitis A - "Avaxim", a blood preparation received from a heparin (the antifactor of Ha) - "Fraxiparine", a preparation from a blood of calfs for a hemodialysis - "Solcoseryl". Preparations were investigated before the termination of a period of validity. Resuits.Work is devoted to study presence of components of a cell-owner and its inhibitor in vaccines and blood preparations and to define presence trypsin-like proteinase and its inhibitor in vaccines and blood preparations. It is revealed that anti influenza vaccines (influvac, vaxigrip, fluarix), herpetic and tularemic vaccines contained an inhibitor of trypsin-like proteinase in considerable quantity. Commercial preparations from a human donor blood (an immunoglobulin, interferon, fraxiparine and solcoseryl) contained as trypsin-like proteinase, and its inhibitor. The immunoglobulin contained in 4,0 times more inhibitor, than interferon. Conclsions. Hence, the modern vaccines applied to prophilaxis and treatment, are insufficiently cleared. Presence of cellular components (enzymes and inhibitors) could lead to allergization and follow complication which is not very known.

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