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Verónica Donato
National University of Rosario, Argentina

My name is Veronica Donato. I have a PhD in Biological Sciences. I am finishing my second postdoc studying B. subtilis, a probiotic bacteria, that can help us to improve the human lifespan and health span. I am also finishing a bachelors degree in Law. I study law because I am interested in writing laws related with Science and Technology. I also have other passions: teaching, mentoring, peer-reviewing, writing and coaching. I work in Argentina and almost every year I spend time in USA increasing my knowledge and exchanging science ideas. My next step is continuing my career as part of a clinical researcher team so I would like to start a Master to obtain my certification.


Even though B. subtilis spores have received growing attention because of their potential in biotechnology, including vaccine development, there are only a few studies using this probiotic bacteria as a vaccine delivery system or as an adjuvant itself. For this reason, with my lab team, I decided to study B. subtilis spores as a potential candidate to solve some of the problems of current vaccines such a as the need of refrigeration systems, needles and syringes and booster dose.

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