Vaccine Adjuvants

Adjuvants are ingredients of a vaccine that creates a stronger immunity in patient’s body by enhancing and directing the adaptive immune response mediated by lymphocytes, B and T cells against the antigens. The vaccines work better with the help of adjuvants. Naturally occurring adjuvants are present in vaccines produced from weakened or dead microorganisms. Adjuvants are used to enhance the immunogenicity of recombinant antigens, to reduce antigen amount, to increase vaccine efficacy and as antigen delivery system for antigen uptake by mucosa. 

  • Mineral salt adjuvants
  • Tensoactive adjuvants
  • Bacteria-derived adjuvants
  • Adjuvant emulsions
  • Liposome adjuvants
  • Polymeric microsphere adjuvants
  • Carbohydrate adjuvants
  • Cancer vaccine adjuvants

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