Vaccine Delivery Systems

Vaccine Delivery Systems are used to promote uptake of the vaccines with the help of absorption enhancers in vaccine formulations. Oral Vaccines are notable developments in vaccine delivery technologies. Oral Vaccines have many advantages such as no risk of blood contamination; they need not be liquids, as solids they are less prone to damage and spoilage. Lipid-based delivery systems can be used to achieve needle-free delivery systems. Recent developments in vaccine delivery technologies paved way for Single dosage vaccines which are given to prevent four to six diseases.  

  • Polymers in solid particulate vaccine delivery
  • Oral Immunization
  • Liposomal delivery systems
  • Emulsion delivery systems
  • Polymeric nanoparticle delivery systems
  • Micellar delivery systems
  • Dendrimer-based delivery systems
  • Needle-free delivery

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