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Ali Fattom
Ali Fattom
Senior Vice President, Vaccine Research and Development
NanoBio Corporation

For more than 25 years Dr. Fattom led research in vaccine discovery and development against infectious diseases and addiction. After a 5 years tenure in vaccine research at the NIH, under Dr. John Robbins, Dr. Fattom moved to the biotech industry, he joined Nabi Biopharmaceuticals, to lead bacterial vaccines development. His work on Staphylococcus aureus pathogenesis, determination of virulence factors, and identifying protective antigens for developing a protective vaccine against this pathogen are well recognized in the field. Nicotine vaccine, a second lead vaccine developed by Dr. Fattom for smoking cessation was also developed through phase II clinical trials. In 2010, Dr. Fattom joined NanoBio Corp. as a Sr. VP of vaccine research and development. For the last 6 years, his efforts were focused on developing intranasal vaccines against respiratory (Flu, RSV, Anthrax, and Pertussis), and sexually transmitted diseases (Genital herpes HSV2, Chlamydia, and HIV). Target indication for these vaccines is to protect against disease, carriage, shedding/transmission. Dr. Fattom holds an Adjunct professor at the University of Michigan since 2012. He authored >70 publications and >20 issued patents. He is a reviewer for NIAID and NIDA grant applications and a reviewer for several journals including Vaccine, Infection and Immunity, Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, and NPJ Vaccine.

Research Interest

Can mucosal immunity succeed where other systemic immune responses failed? Intranasal immunization using a NanostatTM platform technology protected against respiratory and sexually transmitted diseases in the appropriate animal challenge models

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