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Félix Fernández Madrid
Félix Fernández Madrid
Professor, Internal Medicine, Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics
Wayne State University

Félix Fernández Madrid is a Professor of Internal Medicine at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan. His affiliations are Department of Internal Medicine,Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Karmanos Cancer Institute. Based on the established role of autoantibodies as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in the rheumatic autoimmune diseases [RADs] and on their involvement in disease pathogenesis I became interested on a novel biomarker discovery approach which may contribute to the diagnosis of BC and other solid tumors. We demonstrated that autoantibodies in BC are not epiphenomena and that anti-mitochondrial antibodies targeting subunits of mitochondrial electron transfer chain complexes I, IV and V encoded by mtDNA are BC autoantigens, suggesting that these autoantibodies are the expression of mitochondrial autoimmunity in BC. There are established links between chronic inflammation and cancer and autoimmune tissue damage is an accepted concept in the pathogenesis of RADs. A major goal of my research program is to establish the role of tissue damage produced by autoimmunity to breast antigens as contributors to creating a chronic inflammatory milieu promoting the progression of BC, and other solid tumors.

Research Interest

Autoimmunity in Breast Carcinogenesis. Implications for Vaccination in Solid Tumors

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