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Jun Dou
Jun Dou
Director, Pathogenic Biology and Immunology
Southeast University

Dr. Jun Dou now is a Director, Professor of Department of Pathogenic Biology and Immunology, School of Medicine, Southeast University. He got his Medicine Doctor degree (MD, PhD) in 1997 at Zhejiang University of China. Dr. Jun Dou visited the Ulm University School of Medicine, Germany as a Visiting Scholar from Jun 1999 to Sept.1999, and then visited the CDC, USA as a senior visiting fellow from Oct. 2001 to Feb.2004. And Dr. Jun Dou visited the Georgia State University, USA as a visiting fellow from Sept. 2006 to Dec. 2006. Recently, Dr. Dou visited the Yale University School of Medicine, USA twice as a senior visiting fellow in 2014 and in 2015. Currently Dr. Dou’s research has focused on the cancer stem cells (CSCs), the targeted CSCs by manipulation of nc-RNAs to treat breast, ovarian, colon cancers, and melanoma, as well as the CSC vaccines and CSC nanotheranostics.

Research Interest

Colon cancer stem cell-based vaccine reduces efficiently both Tumor growth and cancer stem cell subpopulation in a mouse colon carcinoma model

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