Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Chief Technology Officer
BRL Vacinas , Brazil
Biography :

Ricardo received his Bachelor degree in Pharmacy from the Universidade do Grande Rio - Unigranrio in 2001 and is currently the vice-president of the Association of Pharmaceuticals in Rio de Janeiro (AFAERJ). He has worked in the pharmaceutical department of a number of renowned hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, developing great expertise in integration and consultancy for ANVISA regulatory matters. He is a member of the Ethics Committee and of the Technical Chamber for Pharmaceutical Logistics of the Regional Pharmacy Council of Rio de Janeiro. He currently works at BRL - DISTRIBUIDORA DE VACINAS LTDA, a Pharmaceutical and Drug distributor where he holds the position of Logistics Manager and Chief Technology Officer.

OCM Member
Application Manager
MBL International , USA
Biography :

Dr. Pirouz M Daftarian is a cellular and molecular immunologist with 20-year experience in Immuno-Oncology and vaccinology. Pirouz has led and shepherded R&D operations of two vaccine biotech companies, has served as a faculty of the Miller School of Medicine, acted as DOD and NIH intramural reviewer for vaccine and immune-oncology (IO) proposals, and is the principal inventor of several vaccine and IO related regular patents. He has authored more than 50 research papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and is an invited speaker to many vaccine and IO conferences. Pirouz has completed his PhD in the University of Ottawa, a postdoctoral fellowship on cancer biology and vaccines in the City of Hope National Medical Center, and has served in academia (University of Dalhousie and Miller School of Medicine University of Miami) and industry (NGM Biopharmaceutical, Immunovaccine, Nanovax). Dr. Daftarian is currently working as an Application Manager in MBL International leading a team of scientists to develop modern research tools and biomarkers for the development of immunetherapeutics and vaccines.

OCM Member
Chief Scientific Officer , Virology
GeoVax, Inc , USA
Biography :

Dr. Guirakhoo is Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at GeoVax, Inc. He was named one of the ‘50 Most Influential People in Vaccines’ in Vaccine Nation’s 2014 list. His previous assignments were Chief Technology Officer at Vaxess Technologies and CSO at Hookipa Biotech. Prior to that, Dr. Guirakhoo held the position of Executive Director of External R&D at Sanofi Pasteur. Before joining Sanofi Pasteur, Dr. Guirakhoo was Head of Virology Research at Acambis for 15 years. During this time, he co-invented the ChimeriVax™ technology platform in association with St. Louis University which was successfully used in the development of innovative vaccines such as IMOJEV™, against Japanese encephalitis (Sanofi), PREVNILE™, veterinary vaccine for the prevention of West Nile encephalitis (Merck Animal Health) and DENGVAXIA® (Sanofi). Dr. Guirakhoo has over 30 years of experience in vaccine development infectious and holds a BSc in Biology, a MSc in genetics, and a PhD in Virology.

Research Interest :

MOJEV™, against Japanese encephalitis (Sanofi), PREVNILE™, veterinary vaccine for the prevention of West Nile encephalitis (Merck Animal Health) and DENGVAXIA® (Sanofi)

OCM Member
National Research Center, Egypt , Egypt
Biography :

She had her Bachelor of Veterinary Medical science Cairo University 1992, MSc of Virology Cairo University 1999 and PhD in Virology Cairo University2004. She promoted to Associate professor in 2009 then to Professor of Virology and Immunology 2014 at the National Research Centre (NRC). She has a special interest in Molecular Virology; currently she is working on several viruses which cause great economic losses such as FMD, BVD, ND, IB, ILT and reemerging viral diseases such as Bluetongue. In addition, she has several researches on diagnosis and control of these viruses. She has been principle investigator for many projects funded by NRC and STDF. She has supervised many MSc and PhD thesis and a chief Editor in many national and international Journals; she is also a member of many national and international specified associations. She is a member of the Biosafety and Biorisk committee and CEO of the Virology Unit in the Department of Microbiology at the NRC.

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